Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recipe Nine: Yoda Soda

 This week I made Yoda Soda, a type of limeade float. It was really good and pretty easy. I say it's about Padawan level but only because of the lime squeezing.
Here are the ingredients:
 First, take a lime
 and cut it in half.
 Squeeze the heck out of it
 and pour it and the sugar into a pitcher.
Measure out the sparkling water

and pour it into the pitcher.

Stir it all up and pour it into a glass.

Next, scoop up the lime sherbet

and put it in the glass.

Now all that is left to is enjoy.

And enjoy it we did. 8D
Check this out. See if you notice anything in this glass ;)

How 'bout now
 Still no? Perhaps more definition
Pretty awesome accident.

I really enjoyed this recipe and so did everyone else.
It is definitely getting:

four lightsabers.
This was the last recipe out of the Drinks section. Next week I start the Snacks & Sides section with Dark Side Salsa. Until next time, May the Force be with you

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  1. Hello, are you going to continue/post the rest of the recipes?