Monday, March 7, 2011

Recipe Eight: Jawa Jive Milkshakes

Over the past two weeks I have been making Jawa Jive Milkshakes. This is actually four different recipes and they are all about Padawan level.

The first recipe was a Chocolate-Banana shake
I forgot to take a picture of the ingredients for this one so I'll just jump right in.

Start with vanilla ice-cream
 measure it out and put it in the blender and then take a banana,
and cut it up.
Next add the milk
and chocolate syrup.

Take Heath bars
 and crush them
 Add it all to the blender and mix well.

 The Chocolate Banana shake:

 I didn't really care for this one so I give it:
 two lightsabers.

The second recipe was a Vanilla and Peanut Butter milkshake. 
He are the ingredients:
Get the ice-cream
Measure out the chocolate syrup

and add it to the mix.
Next measure the vanilla extract
peanut butter
and peanut butter chips.

 Add them all to the blender
and mix.
 Here is the final procuct
 I also did not like this one so it too gets:
two lightsabers.

The third recipe was a Super Strawberry milkshake.
Here are the ingredients:
Measure out the white chocolate chips
take the strawberries
and cut them up.
 Measure them
 and add them to the blender.
Dish up the icecream

 and add it and the milk to the blender.
 Mix it all together and you get
This milkshake was AWESOME!!! It totally deserves
FOUR lightsabers.

The fourth and final milkshake was a Double Chocolate.

Take the Oreos
and add them to the blender.
Take chocolate syrup

 and icecream
 and add them all to the blender.
 Mix well and you get
The Double Chocolate milkshake was also AWESOME and it too deserves
four lightsabers.

Now to wrap it all up:
Chocolate Banana got 2
Vanilla and Peanut Butter got 2
Super Strawberry got 4
and Double Chocolate got 4
These recipes were fun and fairly easy.
Next time is Yoda Soda so, until then, May the Force be with you.


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  1. Hmmmm....Milkshakes. Those last 2 did sound good. I might replace the first two with a Yoda Soda. :)