Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recipe Three: Oola-la French Toast

This week I prepared Oola-la French Toast. I recently broke my ankle so I had to have some help in the kitchen this week. My dad actually did the bulk of the work. This was an interesting recipe. I rate it at Padawan level. I will post the pictures in the order that the steps were in the book. Personally, i felt that some of the steps were out of order. I will get into that afterwards.
Here are the ingredients
Place everything except the bread and butter in a bowl
 and whisk together.
Pour into a shallow bowl
and place a slice of bread in the mixture, turning it once. Be sure not to leave it in the mixture too long or it will deteriorate and turn into mush.
The next step in the book is to melt the butter in a pan. This is where the order doesn't make sense. It should have told you to get the pan and butter hot before putting the bread in the mixture, because if you don't then the bread soaks up too much of the liquid and it doesn't work.

Now, after the butter has melted, place the bread in the pan,
 flip a few times and repeat until your ingredients are gone.
 The finished product.
Now for the review, I am going to give it two ratings this week, one for taste and one for the actual recipe.
The french toast tasted great, if not a little greasy. (Normally you use oil, not butter to cook french toast) I give the flavor of the the recipe:

three lightsabers.

Now, the actual recipe was not a good recipe. Even after tripling it, it only made four slices. Granted, we had a slight mishap when one piece of bread sat too long, but it still should have made more. The end product tasted good but it wasn't laid out properly. It should have told you to heat the pan sooner. If I make it again I will use oil instead of butter. Overall i give the recipe:
two lightsabers. It really could have been better laid out.

Next week is Twin Sun Toast. Until then, May the Force be with you


  1. You should always use butter for french toast. It tastes better! BTW what does this have to do with Star Wars? Where is the correlation?

  2. The only correlation that I can see is the name, there really wasn't any other Star Warsie stuff about it. It was the first recipe that I have made that was like that.