Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recipe Four: Twin Sun Toast

For the blog this week I made Twin Sun Toast. I don't know why but, I had been looking forward to making this. I was not disappointed. I rate it at youngling level.

First, like always, start with the ingredients:
 Get a piece of the sourdough bread,
then cut two wholes in the bread.
Melt the butter in the pan

and place the holey bread in the pan and break two eggs into the holes.

 After it fries awhile, flip it over
Let if fry a little longer on that side. I wasn't getting the yellow for the suns so I broke the yokes. The book didn't tell me to do it but I wanted the suns to actually be yellow.
After I broke the yokes I flipped them over and cooked them some more.
Here is the final result.

Well, this was a great recipe! It tasted great and was extremely easy. I give it:
 four lightsabers!

Next weeks recipe is Mos Eisley Morsels. Until next time: May the Force be with you

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